LOCATED IN QUEENS NY, 20-30 minutes From Midtown.......Lessons by SKYPE or ZOOM (for group coaching), Then After The Pandemic In Our Recording Studio Or Your Place.

Are you currently with an instructor/coach paying high prices & wondering why you really CAN'T ssaaaang or play your instrument very well?????.....(We hear this many times from students)~!!


Learn to Sing The Correct Way.......By learning or being coached from a music school-trained singer/musician who makes a living every weekend working a stage & singing/playing many styles in various venues (large & small) for a wide range of ages/ethnicities~!!!


With Unmatched Credentials, We Can Put Your WHOLE Singing-Playing 'Package' Together That's All About YOU:


  • correct technique 

  • the right songs

  • increased repertoire

  • working a stage/audience

  • placing tunes in a set

  • using your 'ears' magically

  • singing or playing with musicians/accompanist

  • personality-'attitude'-style

  • blazing a vocal track in the studio/mic technique...& more



Styles Include: Pop/R&B/Rock/Jazz/Club-Dance-House/Funk/Blues/Caribbean/Gospel


BEGINNERS:1st Meeting Walk in or Log In, Walk Out or Log Out Singing/playing...........Learn to sing/play correctly VERY fast for a career or just for your own pleasure~!
INTERMEDIATE - ADVANCED: Learn to really saaaaaang or play good VERY quickly, going beyond your limitations~!
GETTING READY TO LAY DOWN A PRO VOCAL TRACK????......This is the kind of vocal coaching you need with you in the studio to keep you on your 'A Game'. You can't always depend on the Producer & certainly not an engineer to bring that out of you~!
AUDITIONING FOR TV SINGING COMPETITIONS???........We give you what you'll need to go against the stiff competition~!


....Learn to tell a 'lyrical story' with your voice & the song through breathing & phrasing (YES, breathing & phrasing is important for musicians too).

....Singers who dance - learn to not lose your breath while dancing & to use movement as a means of support for your vocal tricks. Some of you have gone to schools learning music, dance & even acting, but do not know how to put these skills together in a competitive package. We show you how.

....Learn to go from chest voice to a strong head voice smoothly.

....Learn to sing & play an instrument together & not look awkward


....Learn to use your 'ear' to inspire you to take chances with your voice/instrument that work in the song while staying in pitch.

....Learn to sing or play various styles effectively & how to utilize those styles for your own musical growth.

....Working singers.....Learn to pace yourself & sing 3-5 nights a week without losing your voice.

....Learn to approach & eventually acquire the "riffing" ability of the top Gospel/R&B/Soul/Pop artists & be able to add these vocalese techniques to your style.

....Singers/instrumentalists with recording studios (project studios or large professional studios).....Learn to use your studio as an actual 'musical tool' to aid in your vocal or instrument development.


These are just some of the techniques a good vocal-instrument coach instills upon his/her students. We show singers-musicians how to actually teach themselves with excitement when not studying with us.











  • $20 1st meeting mini-lesson/consultation

  • $35 an hour & a half - straight vocal lessons/coaching.

  • $50 an hour & a half - lessons/coaching which includes recording/developing actual song demos of YOUR originals or ideas, while learning to sing or being coached as you record on the song(s)..........With this option, for our vocal students pursuing a professional career, we also develop & groom them for presentation to our major label contacts & talent buyers.

  • $50 an hour & a half - recording &/or studio production. Includes tracking, mixing & mastering.

Credentials, Sample Lesson Plan, Teacher Vocal Links, Dance Instruction Info, Student Reviews & Career Opportunity Info Available Upon Request.