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          (15 Hendrix Songs Performed By Bleu On All Instruments & Vocals)

Jimy Bleu, has carried on the Hendrix tradition for over 50 years making him the longest-running & ONLY authentic Hendrix tribute artist in the world presenting a show which is often described as a 'musical channeling'. Through direct lineage, he is also carrying on a spiritual concept Hendrix called 'Electric Ladyland'.


Bleu was actually around Hendrix often while a member of the official Jimi Hendrix USA fan club which he joined in 1968. He is one of the members responsible for Hendrix addressing a small assembly at his high school, Performing Arts in NYC. Bleu attended Berklee College of Music upon the suggestion of Hendrix himself & went on to become a Columbia/Def Jam recording artist. He also performs the music of Hendrix in the studio on all instruments (guitar, bass, drum kit & vocals) which showcases MORE THAN ANYONE his knowledge of Hendrix's music along with the vision Hendrix had in developing his sound before his untimely death. He has toured with Hendrix bassist Billy Cox & gives PowerPoint lecture-demonstrations on the musical, political & spiritual importance of Hendrix at prestigious colleges, seminars, theaters & podcasts.


Supported for decades mainly by his fans he calls the 'Experienced Ones', Bleu has defied cease & desist orders, overcome countless blacklisting & bans against him while performing worldwide a stellar Hendrix stage show which has opened for & toured with the likes of Aerosmith, Slade, Graham Central Station, The J. Geils Band, The Black Crowes & Foghat, as well as appearing in major venues such as the Woodstock 25th anniversary, the Atlantic Pop Festival & Reggae Sunsplash to name a few. He has also appeared on German TV, London's BBC Television, an American Masters PBS special, MTV & AXS TV showcasing a true Jimi Hendrix Re-Experience.


Since 2016, Bleu has been touring with "KISS THE SKY" which is hailed by AXS TV as the 'World's Greatest Tribute To Jimi Hendrix' after the group's appearance on their network in front of 48 million viewers. Together with the vision of producer Mike Gotch, Bleu presents an astounding Broadway-type theater show illustrating all of Hendrix's iconic performances in full-era costumes, era equipment & different sidemen representing Hendrix's various groups. Video elements are added to create a time machine-like total immersion through a retrospect of Hendrix’s legendary career accentuated with the same Liquid Light F/X Show used by Hendrix at the original famous Fillmore concerts in San Francisco & New York City. 


The endorsements from the press & former members of Hendrix's own bands, who have also performed with KTS, are a testament to the show's authenticity.


Here is a link to the trailer of  Bleu's newest film based on the Hendrix mystique -

Jimy Bleu has no affiliation what so ever with EXPERIENCE HENDRIX LLC, the official Hendrix Family Estate, The Jimi Hendrix Foundation, or Authentic Hendrix LLC........absolutely NO association with any corporation, company, nor anyone named Hendrix~!!!



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