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"Voodoo Child: A Man And His Guitar" Film Trailer

"Voodoo Child: A Man And His Guitar" Film Trailer

Trailer to the upcoming film based on the Jimi Hendrix mystique called "Voodoo Child: A Man & His Guitar", starring Jimy Bleu. Synopsis = A TV reporter investigates a supernaturally nefarious situation that may be taking place at a musician’s commune her colleague has joined. About the lead actor = Since 1968, Bleu has been performing the ONLY authentic Jimi Hendrix tribute show worldwide. This show, still going strong over 50 years, was formed while Bleu was a member of Hendrix's official fan club at Warner/Reprise records. He has toured with Hendrix bassist Billy Cox & gives PowerPoint lecture-demonstrations on the musical, political & spiritual importance of Hendrix at prestigious colleges & seminars. Since 2016, Bleu has been touring with Kiss The Sky ( ), which is a Broadway play type theater production with era costumes & equipment re-creating Hendrix's iconic performances such as pre-fame England, Monterey Pop, The Fillmore dates, Woodstock, Band Of Gypsys & his final Cry Of Love tour. Other projects Bleu involves himself with: ......his stage show re-creation of soul singer Al Green - ( ) ......his original project of fronting all-female backup bands - ( ) ......his lecture-demonstrations on Jimi Hendrix - ( ) .....15 Hendrix tunes performed by Bleu on all instruments - ( ) Contact: DISCLAIMER: Jimy Bleu has no affiliation what so ever with EXPERIENCE HENDRIX LLC, the official Hendrix Family Estate, The Jimi Hendrix Foundation, or Authentic Hendrix LLC........absolutely NO association with any corporation, company, nor anyone named Hendrix~!!! #jimihendrix #voodoochild #electricguitar
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Jimi Hendrix: American Guru Lecture Series Trailer

Jimi Hendrix: American Guru Lecture Series Trailer

Trailer Introducing the PowerPoint Lecture-Demonstrations Presented By Performer Jimy Bleu For Booking, Contact: / 917 204-5551 Dawn Avalon 917 848-4034 For More Lecture Details: For More Performance Details: AMERICAN GURU: The Jimi Hendrix You Thought You Knew Celebrating 50 years of being involved with the Hendrix legacy from his teenage days in the official Jimi Hendrix fan club of America, former Columbia/Def Jam recording artist, producer & performer Jimy Bleu sheds a compelling light on the intriguing man hailed as rock music's greatest guitarist. The lecture-demonstrations presented by Bleu focuses on Hendrix' pre-fame roots, his rise to super-stardom, his tremendous impact on Popular AND 'serious music', his indefinable musical style, his virtually unknown potential as a spiritual leader & his political awakening which coincided with the turbulent times of that era in the United States. Bleu's research, documentation & musical illustrations stand alone in presenting the most comprehensive story about this remarkable musician. Entertaining to a diverse ethnic audience of old, young, musicians, non-musicians & crossing many platforms of popular American music, the audience comes away from the presentation with a mind-blowing viewpoint on Hendrix not found in the biographies, films & documentaries about him. ****** ALSO INCLUDED AS AN OPTIONAL FEATURE are presentations from the 3 photographers who photographed Hendrix's famous concerts (Woodstock, Madison Square Garden & Atlanta Pop Festival) as well as a presentation by Juma Sultan who was one of Hendrix's percussionists, performing with Hendrix at Woodstock, on the Dick Cavette Show & on Hendrix's albums. Jimy Bleu has absolutely NO affiliation with EXPERIENCE HENDRIX, LLC, the official Hendrix Family Estate or AUTHENTIC HENDRIX. No association or approval is implied~!!!!!!!!!!!
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