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The Divinity Is New

When It's Experienced Within You

New Divinity is a full-service multi-media production facility with two locations in New York City & New Jersey, doing business for over 20 Years serving the Sound & Video/Film industries. We also

offer musical coaching, cast models/actors/actresses as well as offer a space for spiritual assistance.

Besides being involved in the entertainment industry, we are dedicated to the exploration of sacredness in sound & imagery. Presenting this concept world-wide, this facility utilizes a global spectrum of sound & rhythm as well as an international approach to video/film making. Explosive creativity flourishes in this company & is maintained by a multi-racial/multi-ethnic staff, which is a strict priority we hold in high regard.

At New Divinity, we believe that today's music & film industries, along with being wholesome entertainment, can also be used as a 'tool' to attain higher consciousness.

In however you choose to work with us, we strive to counter the conspiracy to destroy your relationship with the Divine.

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