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Jimi Hendrix: American Guru Lecture Series


NO ONE knows the complete history of Jimi Hendrix & can demonstrate it better than Jimy Bleu - Juma Sultan (former Hendrix bandmate)   (Lecture Trailer)   (Lecture 3-part Promo Reel)

The lecture-demonstrations presented by Jimy Bleu focuses on Hendrix' rise to super-stardom, his tremendous impact on Popular AND 'serious music', his indefinable musical style, his virtually unknown potential as a spiritual leader & his political awakening which coincided with the turbulent times of that era in the United States. Bleu's research, documentation & musical illustrations stand alone in presenting the most comprehensive story about this remarkable musician.


Entertaining & intriguing to an ethnically diverse audience of musicians, non-musicians & various ages as well as crossing many platforms of popular American music, the audience comes away from the presentation with a mind-blowing viewpoint on Hendrix not found in the biographies, films & documentaries about him.


Jimy Bleu is dedicated to the education & preservation of Hendrix's musical legacy as well as the spirituality he was growing into before his death.


These lecture-demonstrations can be presented solo or along with featured speakers such as:

  • Juma Sultan (former Hendrix percussionist)

  • Leonard J. Eisenberg  (author of Photographing Jimi Hendrix)

  • Elliot Landy  (photographed Hendrix at the Fillmore East & at Woodstock)  

  • Corey Washington  (author of Jimi Hendrix: Black Legacy - A Dream Deferred)

  • Art Reilly  (photographed Hendrix at the Atlanta Pop Festival)







                                                                  Jimi Hendrix:



The Early Years

As R&B Sideman 

Road To Superstardom

Musical Breakdown Of The Essential Albums (The 'Hendrix Sound')

The Essential Live Performances

Famous Musicians He Was Planning To Form Groups With 

His Own Recording Studio / Becoming The TOTAL Musician 

His Essential 'Companions' 

His Political Affiliations 

His Spiritual Potential 

His Protégés 

His Controversial Death

His Legacy In Film, Television & Today's Music

                                      LECTURE HIGHLIGHTS:













Colleges, Lecture Halls, Radio, Online, Print & Television Interviews


- 2023   Cinema Arts Theater - Long Island NY

- 2022   Philippe Shock Matthews - The PM Show Podcast

- 2022   Stacy-Ann Gooden - Pix11 News Podcast

- 2022   Joan Allen - Inside NY Podcast

- 2021   Ramona Speaks -The Other Truth Podcast

- 2021   Barbara Delong/Mark Eddy - Nightlight, Blogtalk Radio

- 2021   Jimmy Keltz, WESB 100.1, Bradford PA

- 2021   Ralston Live Podcast, You Tube

- 2021   Christopher Jordan - Talking Sound Podcast

- 2021   Ken Broo, 700WLW, Cincinnatti OH

- 2021   DJ Casey, WQRS, 98.3 FM, PA

- 2021   3 Beards Podcast, You Tube

- 2020   Meagan Paese, 96.3 FM, History Of Rock & Roll, FL

- 2020   Greg  Gattine, Radio Woodstock WDST 100.1, NY

- 2019   Monmouth University, West Long Branch NJ

- 2019/2020/2021   Ahmed Mitchel-El, WUSB 90.1 FM, Long Island NY

- 2018/2019   Jacque Roche, WPWL 103.7, Pawling NY

- 2018   Denny Dyroff, Chester County Times, Chester PA  

- 2018   Bill Rettew, The Daily Local, West Chester PA  

- 2018   Ashley Bottoms, Bottoms Up: Appetite for Discussion radio show

- 2018   Cailin Riley, Southampton Press, Long Island NY

- 2018   Scotty Hart, WLNG 92.1 FM, Long Island NY

- 2018   Nicole Barylski,, Long Island NY

- 2018   Linda Koontz, Connecticut News Times, Danbury Conn

- 2018   Steve Vaccaro, WLIE 540 AM, Long Island NY

- 2018   Rob Silber, WPKN 89.5 FM, Bridgeport Conn

- 2018   Marcia Kendall, WXCI 91.7 FM, Danbury Conn

- 2018   Michael Sprouse, WXDE 105.9, Delaware

- 2017/2018   Lauren Silvestri, Rock On Philly, Philadelphia Pa  

- 2017   Gary James,

- 2017   Scotty Perry, WBWZ Z93/IHeart Radio Poughkeepsie, NY

- 2017   Tom Conway, Herald Palladium newspaper, Michigan

- 2017   Ed Wrobleski, Boston Free Radio, Somerville MA

- 2017   Chuck Lefleur, Giant FM 91.7, Ontario CAN

- 2017   Steve Tripi/Chris Klein WGRF 97 Rock, Buffalo NY

- 2017   Greg Gattine, WDST 100.1 Radio Woodstock, Woodstock NY

- 2017   Mike Lytle, 90.1FM KKFI, Kansas City MO

- 2017   Slacker, 101.9 Fox Classic Rock, Kansas City MO

- 2017   Matt Monks, 105.9FM WXDE, Delaware  

- 2017   Matt Mattei, Times Leader Paper, Wilkes Barre Pa  

- 2017   Lincoln Anderson, The, NYC NY  

- 2017   Central Jersey online Newspaper interview with Mike Morsch

- 2016   Warren Lawrence, WKNY 1490, Kingston, NY

- 2016   Jethro Kim, WDVR Radio 89.7, Sergeantsville NJ

- 2016   Ron Hunter, Power 96.1 KQPR, Rochester, MN

- 2016   Jeff Cecil, Z Rock 103.9 / 107.7, Rochester MN

- 2016   Michael Sprouse, TwinFin Media A&E TV Milton, DE

- 2016   Andre Lamar, Dover Post Newspaper, Delaware

- 2016   Doug Strummel, The Vault 103.5, Delaware

- 2016   Paula Sangeleer, Cool 101.3, Delaware 2016

- 2016   Christian Swain/R n R Archeology Project Podcast, San Francisco CA

- 2016   The Vault historical Victor Records Museum & Stage, Berlin NJ

- 2013   BronxNet TV, NYC (Dr. Bob Lee)

- 2010   Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck NJ

- 2007   Tokyo International Music Market Seminar, Japan

- 2003   Kingsborough Community College - Brooklyn NY

- 1998   Mary Mount University, NYC

- 1998   City University of New York, NYC

- 1997   Nassau Community College, Long Island NY

- 1995   New Music Seminar, NYC

- 1996   South By Southwest Conference, Austin Texas

- 1993   WHCR radio, NYC (DJ Ausar)

- 1993   The Open Center, NYC 

- 1991   Five Towns College, Long Island NY

- 1989   'Donahue' (The Phil Donahue Show), Chicago Illinois

- 1986   WBAI radio, NYC (DJ Habte Salassie)

- 1985   Medgar Evers College, NYC

- 1983   Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio

- 1983   Sciessence Television, NYC, (Alan Spechler/Millie Benoit)

- 1981   Adelphi University, Long Island NY

- 1979   University of Arizona, Tucson Arizona

- 1970   WBAI radio, NYC, (Bob Fass show)




- Member of the official Jimi Hendrix fan club/Warner-Reprise Records 1968-1971

- Leader of Hendrix tribute shows since 1968-present

- Former Columbia/Def Jam Records studio multi-musician & recording artist 1987-1992

- Former radio DJ/host at WFDU 89.1 FM Teaneck, NJ 2005-2016

- Toured with many major music stars as opening act or sideman including Aerosmith, Wilson Pickett, Slade, Betty Wright, J.Geils Band, Joe Tex, Foghat, Graham Central Station, Isaac Hayes, New Birth, Al Green, Jimmy Castor & Brook Benton 

- Produced & starred in an off-Broadway play based on the Hendrix mystique in New York City theaters. Currently being made into a feature film

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