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From 2004-2016, in between touring, Bleu was a radio DJ/host at WFDU 89.1FM out of Teaneck New Jersey. Following the blueprint of his radio mentors such as Sly Stone when he was a DJ at K-Soul before his fame, as well as Alison Steele & early Frankie Crocker, Bleu's unique blend of music & commentary made his broadcast quite popular with a worldwide audience.

The radio show called 'Code Bleu' was facilitated by 4 female co-hosts & featured a mix of Funk, Blues, Soul, Rock, Reggae & Gospel music with spotlights on James Brown, Jimi Hendrix & Sly Stone on each broadcast.

Also featured were in-depth celebrity interviews, many excerpts of which are available to hear upon request.





*Jose Feliciano
*Edgar Winter 
guitar legend Johnny Winter 
funk icon Larry Graham (Sly & the Family Stone/'Graham Central Station'/Prince)
*r&b diva Millie Jackson
singer Claude McKnight ('Take 6')
*guitarist Rick Derringer  
record exec/producer Al Bell (Stax, Motown, Watts/Stax festival)
*James Brown alumni - trombonist Fred Wesley, drummer Jabo Starks, bassist Fred Thomas, daughter Deanna Brown-Thomas & son Daryl Brown


*drummer Carmine Appice (‘Vanilla Fudge’/Rod Stewart/Jeff Beck) 
*guitar virtuoso Larry Coryell
r&b icon Jimmy Castor - his final interview
*singer Eric Benet  
guitarist Leo Nocentelli ('The Meters')
*keyboardist Bernie Worrell ('P-Funk'/'Talking Heads')
*singer Dawn Silva ('P-Funk'/'Brides of Funkenstein'/Sly Stone) 
*Robert "Kool" Bell (‘Kool & the Gang’) 


*singer-guitarist Joe Chambers (‘The Chambers Brothers‘) 
‘Sly & the Family Stone’ alumni - Rose Stone, Jerry Martini, Cynthia Robinson & Greg Errico. 
record exec/producer Willie Mitchell (Al Green/Ann Peebles)
*guitarist Tom Gimbel (‘Foreigner’, ‘Aerosmith’)
*singer Angela Bofill
keyboardist Chris Jasper (‘Isley Brothers‘, ‘Isley-Jasper-Isley‘)
*drummer/producer Narada Michael Walden (‘Mahavishnu Orchestra‘, ‘Whitney Houston‘)

*radio icon/songwriter/performer Imhotep Gary Byrd (Stevie Wonder co-writer)
*singer James Ingram 


*Jimi Hendrix alumni - bassist Billy Cox, percussionist Juma Sultan,  singers Rosa Lee Brooks & Taharqa Aleem, harpist Paul Carouso, Colette Mimram
guitar legend Cornell Dupree - his final interview
*singer Isaac Hayes
jazz-funk pioneer Roy Ayres
singer Clarence Burke Jr. (‘The Five Stairsteps‘) 
*guitar virtuoso Jennifer Batten ('Michael Jackson'/'Jeff Beck group')


*rock icon Terry Reid
gospel singer Vicki Yohe 
producer Pepe' Willie ('discovered' & 1st recorded Prince)
*disco diva Gloria Gaynor 
bluesman Robert Cray

*singer Melba Moore
drummer Corky Laing ('Mountain'/'West, Bruce & Laing')
*singer Corey Glover ('Living Colour')


*‘Mandrill’ band founding members Lou & Ric Wilson
guitarist Sam Andrews ('Big Brother & The Holding Company'/Janis Joplin)

*reggae icon Johnny Nash
bassist TM Stevens (James Brown/Sly Stone/Miles Davis) 
*singer Patryce Choc’let Banks ('Graham Central Station') 
*producer Alan Douglas (Miles Davis/Hendrix/Billie Holiday/John McLaughlin)

*bluesman Joe Lewis Walker

*guitarist Vince Martell (‘Vanilla Fudge‘) 

*producer-songwriter Norman Whitfield ('Temptations', Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight)
*keyboardist Mike Finnegan (Joe Cocker/Hendrix/‘Santana’/‘Tower Of Power‘)
*Simone (singer/actress daughter of Nina Simone)
*guitarist Jon Butcher (‘Jon Butcher Axis‘)
*singer Mary Bridget Davies (star of Broadway's 'A Night With Janis') 
*bluesman Bill Perry 

*guitarist John Hayes ('Mother's Finest')
*gospel singer-actress Tamela Mann 

*Sam Cutler (tour mgr for 'The Rolling Stones' , 'Grateful Dead', 'Allman Bros')
*guitar virtuoso Gil Parris
Dj/Vj/host Ralph McDaniels (‘Video Music Box’)
*singer-guitarist Derek McKeith
singer Sandra St. Victor ('Family Stand'/'Daughters of Soul' tour)
*Sly Stone biographers Willem Alkema, Eddie Konings & Miles Lewis 
Jimi Hendrix biographers Kathy Etchingham, David Henderson & Corey Washington
*Jason Draper
(author -‘Prince: Chaos, Disorder & Revolution’)
*Flo Anthony (celebrity gossip columnist/author)
*Sheila Jackson-Hardy (filmmaker - “Nice & Rough: Black Women In Rock”)


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