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Jimi Hendrix's guitar playing is more than good blues-based playing. His 'touch' included a unique phrasing, use of body movement & in the words of Miles Davis: "just like Trane & Bird, Jimi played in-between the notes & the tones".

As a musical 'shaman', Hendrix was the first to showcase the electric guitar as an actual ritualistic instrument.


For a limited time, lessons on this unique & exciting style are available from the Berklee trained musician/singer who has been professionally performing this style of guitar playing longer than anyone, has toured with Hendrix bassist Billy Cox & clearly knows Hendrix's studio & live technique better than anyone (see Jimy Bleu as Jimi Hendrix page).  (15 Hendrix studio tunes I performed on guitar/bass/live drums/vocals)




  • Improvisation

  • Playing multiple genres (Blues/Rock/Funk/Soul/R&B/Reggae/Gospel/Jazz/Ambient)

  • Using your ear 'magically'

  • Stage presence

  • Playing full-sounding guitar in a 3-piece setting & locking with drummer & bassist

  • Hendrix's use of pick-finger style strumming

  • Nailing that sound (with & without effects)

  • Hendrix-style chording  

  • Hendrix's superb lead/rhythm technique (showcased in his ballads) & note bending

  • Eventual studio jamming

  • Developing your own singing & songwriting style with this type of playing

  • Multi musicians - learn to play Hendrix-style bass & drums

  • So much more~!!!! 


If you take this style of playing SERIOUSLY, I can help you get started or break the monotony & bad habits. All levels welcome. Lessons Skype or Zoom, in my Queens recording studio or at your place.


  • $25 1st meeting mini-lesson/consultation

  • $40 an hour & a half - straight guitar lesson

  • $45 an hour & a half - guitar lesson along with singing lesson

******* Music schools/educators/professors: I am also available for lecture-demonstrations about the musical, political & spiritual significance of Jimi Hendrix. More information ( References available upon request. 

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