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(as Hendrix performer & as solo artist)

“The Experience & The Band Of Gypsys done extremely well…..I felt as though I was watching a play about Hendrix” - legendary DJ Frankie Crocker  1979

“Go & become experienced…’s an evening well spent” - Al Stweeje, Good Times Newspaper concert review  1985

“It's quite clear to me that something otherworldly takes place when he performs Hendrix onstage......Definitely lives up to the hype” journalist Hunter S. Thompson submiting Rolling Stone Magazine Concert Review  1992

“It wouldn’t have been ‘Woodstock’ without THIS Hendrix” - Woodstock 25th Anniversary Concert Promoter  1994 

“A dead-on recreation of the man with the guitar” - Soundbeat E-zine Tribute Band Review  2006

“It's like seeing Hendrix, Marley & Prince at once.....nice!!" - TM Stevens, bassist for Sly Stone, Miles Davis, James Brown & many others  2008

“Jimy Bleu…..the rocker….the guitar player extraordinaire!!” - Corky Laing, drummer from ‘Mountain‘)  2010

“Truly a soul invocation.....I wouldn‘t call this a tribute….you guys got it down!!” - R&B icon Jimmy Castor  2011

“Wow… me you’re it……..keep doin’ it!!!” - Jabo Starks, drummer from James Brown‘s band  2012

"Bringing music history to life" - The Village Voice, NYC  2013

"They had the effect of recreating songs and feelings the audience has had for years. Exceptionally talented! In the absence of Hendrix himself, the next best thing is to catch this band live!" - Craig Carpenter, Huffington Post  2014

"You definitely got it down more than anyone I've come across" - guitar virtuoso Pat Travers  2015

"I should have interviewed YOU for my bookazine" - Emily Gatlin, author of "The Unknown Hendrix"  2015

"Jimi Hendrix aficionado Jimy Bleu.....the real deal.....What better man for the portrayal of Hendrix than Bleu!.....He puts on a dynamic show of rock and roll seasoned with blues and soul" - Hendrix bassist Billy Cox  2015

"When it comes to performing Jimi's music, I don't impress easily and there is no question that KTS is the most detailed and historically accurate Jimi tribute show I've seen. The music and spirit of Jimi Hendrix moves through Jimy Bleu on the stage and that is no small task." - Juma Sultan, percussionist with Jimi Hendrix Woodstock band - the Gypsy Sun and Rainbows  2016

"The world knows Jimi Hendrix was in a league of his own and there is no better band that captures the essential Hendrix legacy or a more exact tribute to Jimi than Kiss the Sky! This is my only endorsement of any tribute band because onstage Jimy Bleu is Hendrix re-incarnated. He's the best at it and I can picture my friend Jimi himself smiling down with approval." - Gerardo Velez, founding member of Spyro Gyra & Hendrix bandmate   2016

"Kiss The Sky is spectacular! So often with tribute bands people say close your eyes, they sound just like them, but with Kiss The Sky you MUST keep your eyes open because the guitar playing, vintage gear, costumes and stage presence of the band is so very precise and out of this world your jaw will drop!" - Katie Daryl, host & executive producer of 'The World's Greatest Tribute Bands' on AXS-TV  2016

"It is so very rare I’m excited by a rock n roll tribute act. But Jimy Bleu performing as Jimi Hendrix is much more than just a performer donning a wig & playing sloppy versions of the hits from a long-gone great. What I saw at his Whisky a Go-Go performance in 2016, and then interviewing Jimy for my rock ‘n’ roll archaeology podcast is more akin to a museum quality exhibit than anything I’ve ever witnessed in the tribute world. I highly recommend catching a Kiss the Sky show for a full immersion into what it must’ve been like to see Hendrix in his prime." - Christian Swain, founder & host of Podcast Network 'The Rock N Roll Archaeology Project'  2016

"What a fantastic show! Beyond what you would expect. They really thought it through and delivered much more than a tribute show.... I learned about the life and phases of Hendrix while they masterfully & passionately played our favorite Hendrix songs in the periods of his short life." - Peter Moshay Grammy Award Winning Sound Engineer, Daryl’s House Club  2017

"Hendrix is of course a major influence to me as a guitarist. It's one thing to be able to play his notes but it's a total other vibe to have the feel & swag of Hendrix on stage. Jimy Bleu can do both. Jimy walks in the aura of Jimi." - Anthony Krizan, former guitarist & member of The Spin Doctors & former member of The Noel Redding Band  2017

"A perfect tribute to Jimi… at the place where he was discovered."Hap Pardo, owner Cafe Wha' Greenwich Village, NYC  2017

"Uncanny! Flawless performance of Hendrix music and mastery of his iconic moves!" - 
Lauren Silvestri, 2017

"Jimy Bleu is the Magic Man! He takes you on a beautiful journey with his presentation paying homage to our beloved legend... Jimi Hendrix." - Rosa Lee Brooks, Soul/RnB Singer & recording artist, recorded early records with Jimi Hendrix  2018

"Buddy Miles Literary Trust would like to send its collective Love, Support and much Gratitude to all the members of Kiss The Sky, The RE-Experience: World's Greatest Tribute to Jimi Hendrix, for showing respect to all Jimi Hendrix  Alumni, including Buddy Miles with the beautiful replica of Buddy's famous American flag kit. Big Gratitude to Jimi's, Billy's and Buddy's fans who make the Band Of Gypsys portion of this show such a success. Buddy would have Loved all the Love."  - The Buddy Miles Estate  2021

"The authenticity of the sound and look of your performance shows the music and spirit of Jimi is carried ever forward by your devotion and love of the inspiration that Jimi gave to all us." - Roger Mayer, guitar sound genius & Hendrix's guitar FX Designer  2022

"You could have sworn they were playing the record. Authentic look and sound of Hendrix! A huge success!" - Rob Sankey, Livin Large Fest Magazine  2023

"The past brought back to life by someone who was there......His Divinity band knocked me out too, but way beyond its time." - Cleo Pinot, former Hendrix protege, master musician/model  2024

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